Take Your Next Step.

Are you new to Christian Life Church, or have been attending for some time and interested in learning more about who we are? Then, attending CLC Connect is your first step.

What is CLC Connect?

CLC Connect is where you will get the opportunity to learn about who we are and why you are here. CLC Connect is held in two steps. Step One is held every First Sunday and Step Two is held every Second Sunday. Both are held after the 11am service in Omega Zone, in Building 2. Lunch and childcare are provided. To attend, sign up below.

Step 1: Learn the Mission, Vision and Core Values of Christian Life Church, and much more.

Step 2: Learn about our Small Groups, take a Personality and Spiritual Gifts test to discover your purpose. You will also have the opportunity to become a Member and join the Dream Team.

We hope to see you there!