Men's Retreat

October 12-14, 2018 | Carroll Family Farm

The Retreat is a weekend of friendly competitions with the aim of building camaraderie and fellowship. Scored events for this year are Riflery, Archery, Skeet Shooting, and Volleyball. On Friday night, the Retreat will feature a Live Draft, and men will be "drafted" to certain teams. There will be prizes for the winning team as well as prizes for Individual Medalists or "top scorers" from each scored event. In addition to those winning gifts, there will be door prizes that any man in attendance can win. We will also have football playing on a Big Screen all weekend. We will fellowship, worship, and enjoy a weekend of fun.


What are the sleeping arrangements?

Sleeping options. Some guys will bring tents, some will bring hammocks, some will bring campers/RVs, some will bring sleeping bags, some will bring air mattresses, some will bring cots. There is floor space inside the cabin, some couches and recliners(first come, first serve), there are two big porches, plenty of outside space for tents. Bring tents, even if you don't plan on using it, please bring them so we have enough to where everybody is comfortable. It will be about 80 during the day and around 60 at night so the weather should be perfect.

What should I bring?

Bring a towel and toiletries. There are showers and if you are staying all weekend through Sunday morning you will want to shower at some point so bring your own shampoo/soap/towels.

What do I wear?

It will be kind of cool at night so some pants and maybe long-sleeved t-shirt will be good. You will also spend some time in the woods and around a bonfire so do what feels comfortable, maybe some boots. Shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes will probably be good for Saturday events.

What is covered in my registration?

For the events, you do not have to bring anything with you other than yourself. You do not have to bring a gun, ammunition, a bow, etc...Everything is included in the event price. But, if you want to, you are encouraged to bring any guns, bows, fishing poles, etc. This is a great, safe environment to sight in your compound, rifle, etc...

What if I'm not an "outdoors Guy"and don't shoot guns, bows, or fish?

What if I am not an “outdoors guy” and don't shoot guns, bows or fish? That is totally fine. We all have different passions. But if you have never done these things and want to, this will be a great place to do them. You could absolutely use this weekend to just sit around the fire, eat some good food, and watch football on the Big Screen. It’s your weekend!

Do I have to compete in the events?

Yes! Just kidding, obviously you do not have to do anything you do not want to do. But everybody is encouraged to join the friendly competitions to build morale and camaraderie. And, you never know, you might just get lucky and win something. 


4:30 pm: Van/Caravan leaves CLC Parking Lot 

7:00 pm: Fish Fry

8:00-8:30 pm: Live Draft

8:30-9:30 pm: Special Speaker/Worship

9:30 pm until: Bonfire/Free Time


8:00 am: Breakfast/Devotion

9:00 am-12:00 pm: Competitions (Riflery, Skeet Shooting, Archery, Volleyball)

12:00-2:00 pm: Lunch

2:00-5:00 pm: Competitions/Big Screen Football

5:00-6:00 pm: Rest/Event Scoring

6:00-7:00 pm: Dinner

7:00-8:00 pm: Award Ceremony

8:00pm until: Big Screen Football/Free Time


7:30 am: Depart for CLC



Friday Night: Fried Fish, Grits, French Fries, Hushpuppies

Saturday Breakfast: Eggs, biscuits, bacon, ham, sausage, orange juice, milk, Community coffee

Saturday Lunch: Various grilled sausages, all-beef hotdogs, and chips

Saturday Dinner: Ribs, baked beans, slaw, BBQ sauce bar

Drinks: Canned Cokes, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, bottled water, Community coffee